Beautiful Beijing – Day 1- Just Arrived!



Total travel time with transfers and layover= 26 hours

My first flight to Toronto was quick and painless, arriving in Toronto with over 5 hours to kill, I went to the premium lounge and as they were having a special discount I managed to get 2 hours for just $30.

It was definitely not as nice as the Maple lounge, the food wasn’t as good, it was noisy and a bit rundown and there was a hair in my rice (eww!) But it was somewhere somewhat more comfortable than the main waiting area and I managed to finish an assignment I had outstanding.

Landing in Beautiful Beijing-Day 1- Just arrived! Beijing airport was a little chaotic, there were seemingly never ending lines that didn’t have an obvious beginning, I just hopped on the end of one and hoped it was going where I needed to go!

After clearing customs I had to take a quick train to the baggage carousel and then I was free to meet my guides.

While I waited for some other members of our group to clear immigration, I witnessed what must have been a minor celebrity arriving at the airport. A small but very enthusiastic group waited anxiously holding homemade banners and light bright cards with photos of a girl in various poses, all of a sudden she appeared, a camera crew followed her as did her throng of admirers, as she blew kisses and waved at the crowd before being ushered away-it was rather exciting.

By the time we were ready to get on the bus it was gone 6 pm and rush hour was in full flow, we made very slow progress to our downtown hotel and the hazy smog was quickly replaced by a dark night sky.

Once we arrived at our hotel, Jianguo Hotel #Beijing I was ready to go to bed pronto. I just had a quick chance to look around the lobby and take in the beautiful ornamental gardens that adorn both sides of reception, water features babble softly amidst beautiful tropical foliage.


My room was gorgeous, large and spacious and very modern. When I turned the bathroom light on it made the frosted glass wall in the bedroom light up and become transparent, making me appreciate the fact that I was alone!p1000163


I am very grateful to Majestic Vacations and China International Travel Service tours for making this trip possible, I am really excited to see what Beijing has to offer!




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