Date Night In Ottawa

Our toddler was having a sleepover at his grandparents’ house this weekend, so we hit Ottawa’s Little Italy for a grown-up date night.

I reported on Bear and Co.’s outdoor production of Macbeth this past summer for Apt613- see the original article here.

So now that the cooler autumn temperatures have driven the cast inside to the small but charming Gladstone theatre off Preston, we thought we would check it out.

Before murder and mayhem filled our evening, we lined out stomachs at Salt.

It was our first visit and we loved the upscale luxe décor and furnishings. Amid the chandeliers and plush banquet seating Salt has a few offbeat touches, like shelves of different size jars up to the ceiling and a table of interesting glassware, the overall look is modern elegance.

Gladstone patrons are offered a special deal at the restaurant which makes the gastronomic delights an absolute steal. I chose the scallops, which were plump and creamy and presented with grilled pineapple, fingerling potatoes and a Thai red curry dressing. It was absolutely sumptuous!

My hubby and I have a restaurant rule where we never order the same item and a long-running annoyance, whereby we always wish we chose each other’s entrée instead of our own. So he was slightly irritated that I chose the scallops before he had a chance to order them, he had to “settle” for the duck! #firstworldproblems.

The Mariposa was served on a potato rosti with a rich goat’s cheese, apple and a blackberry gastrique, again it was delicious, rich, balanced and as I tried both dishes I can say it was hard to pick a winner.

We shared a chocolate mousse and coffee ice cream dessert and I bravely ordered the Lady Marmalade cocktail, I say bravely, as the chili’s made it very spicy! I tried my best but acquiesced when my waiter saw me suffering and offered to sweeten it a little!

The staff were so attentive, helpful and friendly- we were very impressed with this Ottawa eatery and can’t wait to return.

A short walk saw us outside the Gladstone. It was closing night and that familiar busy excitement before the show saw us milling around, drink in hand before we took our seats. The production was every bit as dramatic and excellently polished as when I watched it perched on a camping chair in a local park. The indoor version did add some elements to the show not seen outside such as some sound effects and better acoustics for the beautiful rousing vocal performances. Just as in the summer the patrons included families, in hushed tones children asked their parents for plot points, as a former teacher this really made me smile.datenight2

I found Banquo’s ghost all the more eerie accompanied by a screeching noise effect that seemed like the soundtrack from a horror movie-chilling!

Again highlights were Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship-hawt! Macduff’s emotional reaction on learning of his family’s demise at Macbeth’s murderous hands and the Witches, whose fire dance added a further air of mystery and magic to the familiar incantations.

Good food, good cocktails, good theatre and we even got to lay in the next morning -what parent could ask for more?

We are so lucky to live in a city that has such high calibre theatre, delicious dining options and still maintains a small town feel, Ottawa is a great destination for date night.



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  • October 3, 2016 at 12:34 am

    I <3 Salt!! Great cocktails and the piano lounge is very cool

    • October 3, 2016 at 12:36 am

      We will return and would love to rent out the lounge for a birthday or event-would be tres chic!

    • October 13, 2016 at 1:15 pm

      ooh lunch! That’s a good idea and probably a bit more economical too 🙂


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