Pros And Cons Of Elopement

Wedding planning can be stressful and costly. If you’re in love with your fiancé but not in love with traditional weddings, the idea of jetting off and getting married on the sly can be very appealing. But it can have some unexpected drawbacks, read on to see if elopement is for you and your honey.



You don’t have to deal with any family drama-especially if either set of parents are at odds

You might create family drama as relatives feel slighted that they were not invited to your big day

It’s just the two of you!

It’s just the two of you! It might sound romantic but so much of a wedding is celebrating with others

It’s a lot cheaper. Foregoing the big meal and party leaves you spare change for something practical for the future like a down payment on a house for example.

Do you want the memory of your wedding to be a quick administrative affair at the courthouse??

You are in charge; no-one else’s opinion or traditions matter when you elope- you are the boss

Bye bye gifts-although it’s not the reasons to have a wedding, the abundant gifts sure are nice

No bridesmaid drama

No bridesmaids-this is your last chance to share a bonding moment with your girlfriends before you become a married woman

If you do decide to elope, keep some of the traditions alive, to ensure that your big day is still a once in a lifetime special occasion.

  • Wear a beautiful outfit- so maybe a big white dress is just not you, but jeans on your wedding day will not do!
  • Consider having a few blooms if nothing else, flowers really add to the sense of occasion
  • Go for a stunning backdrop, eloping means the world is your oyster so pick a pretty location to say “I do”
  • Capture the precious moment forever- you have to hire a professional photographer to document your wedding day, especially if you elope, as it will be the only chance your friends and family have to see you get married.

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So whether your nuptials are a big expensive family affair or just two people on a beach, make sure the memories are persevered in beautiful photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.



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