All Aboard For A Pirate Adventure!

Mooney’s bay park has been getting a lot of national attention as of late when it was announced that it will be the site for Canada’s largest playground. A project which garnered a great deal of discussion, controversy and protest.

But the park is also known for much more, it is the annual site of The Tim Hortons Dragon Boat festival, The Hope Volleyball festival and the mooring point for the cutest pirate ship you ever did see!


Pirate Adventures do not simply offer a pleasure cruise, the dastardly pirates onboard create a whole experience, complete with face paint, costumes, songs, water cannons and the chance to find some treasure!

The experience last about 75 minutes and is an interactive jolly good time for all aboard, it would make an ideal mobile venue for a children’s birthday party, but we had just as much fun on a regular old summer Saturday.

We started by arriving at the water to select costumes and have face paint moustaches and beards applied. Our two-year-old stood very still waiting for his moustache to be painted on, much to our surprise!

The staff stayed in character the entire time, which really added a fun element to the proceedings especially as the trip involved the children soaking a villainous pirate with water cannons and then him splashing into the river in dramatic fashion!

There was definite plotline to the proceedings but I must admit it was a little lost on our toddler, but seemed to enthrall the other children onboard especially those aged 5-10. It’s often difficult for entertainment companies to keep the interest of a variety of different age groups, but Pirate Adventures manages to do just that- I didn’t see anyone old or young looking bored or staring at their phones.

Maybe we were all just scared that a pirate would make you walk the plank if you didn’t listen well!

Multiple sailing times are offered throughout the day and are subject to demand, so book ahead to ensure your spot.

Practical tips

There isn’t a washroom on board so make sure you (and your kids) go before hand

It can get very hot, make sure you have hats and water

If you have a particularly sensitive child, consider prepping them before hand, there was one frightened child on our boat who didn’t seem to understand it wasn’t real

I had passed this pirate ship many times over the years and had thought it looked so neat but hadn’t thought about taking a trip. So if you too have seen it cruising along in previous summers, take the leap this year and treat yourself and your family to a true adventure! Book by visiting the website or calling 613-859-5199

Have you been onboard?



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