My list of essential modern tech apps for writers


What do you need to write?

A pen and paper?

A special journal?

A laptop?

When inspiration strikes, you can jot down your precious ideas in miniature onto a gum wrapper if necessary, but there are a variety of apps and programs available that aim to help writers in their craft- these are my favorites:


I remember getting an electric typewriter for my birthday when I was about 8 years old (I am really aging myself here). It had a digital screen for one line of writing and then would whir into action transcribing these words onto the page. Things have moved on a bit since then and I really couldn’t be without my laptop, even though I don’t really use it in the way its intended, for instance, I don’t think I have ever taken out of the house, but around my home, it is very mobile. I take it to my bedroom to work, the living room, the basement and even in the garden- sometimes a change of scenery really lets the creative thoughts flourish!

Hubspot Sales

I have been using this feature for about 2 weeks and it is now my favorite piece of technology, it’s awesome and free. Once installed it creates a little checkbox on all new outgoing messages that you compose, all you have to do is check the box and the email will be tracked. You receive a notification when it’s opened, so no more waiting around anxiously wondering if your pitch was received, and if you notice that the sender opens it multiple times or sends it to someone else it could indicate that they like what they see.

Send later button

I also like the Boomerang extension for Gmail, which allows you to send your email at a later time, I find this really useful for writing competitions or pitches that open at certain times, you can write your message, schedule it for a specific time (say 6 am and get in there first) and then you don’t have to worry about it again.

Omm Writer

Omm Writer is a program that creates a protected writing spaces, it features backdrops, music and disables distractions such as Facebook notifications and emails from disturbing your writing. I find it quite meditative and always seem to write more than when using another word processor. When I am finished I just cut and paste it into word to save into my document.


There’s really no better editor than a writer taking the time to read her work aloud and to others, but an app that catches spelling and grammar mistakes is very useful, especially when it also checks emails and social media posts too- now there’s no excuse!


When you are building an online presence you want to follow and like as many people as possible to encourage those follow backs, but sometimes you may notice your followers dropping and it can be difficult to sift through exactly what users lost interest in your message. Statusbrew allows users to see in a daily email all the people that unfollowed you, this is very useful if it’s someone you want to keep you can take action and try to reconnect, if it’s someone you could care less about you can make sure you are not wasting a “follow” on them.


Haro is an acronym for “help-a-reporter-out”, it’s a website that matches reporter’s requests for research subjects and interviewees, to those wishing to promote their business or be recognized as an industry expert. I have used it lots of times to find expert opinions for clients and to promote my own freelance writing business.

Anything that makes the process of monetizing your writing easier, is of interest to me and these tools certainly help me to create and market my work, although in a pinch I have been known to write an idea down on the back of a receipt using one of my child’s crayons!

What writing apps or tech tools make life easier for you as a content creator?


0 thoughts on “My list of essential modern tech apps for writers

  • July 24, 2016 at 1:42 am

    I didn’t know about HARO_ thanks I am gonna check it out for interviews.

  • July 24, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    I don’t like grammarly, I find it misses stuff and takes ages to load

    • July 25, 2016 at 1:20 pm

      Really? I love it-do you have it installed as an extension on chrome?


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