A Day in the Life of a Writer…

I am a freelance Writer and Educator, I am also a Mum to one and run a home daycare, to say my days are hectic, is an understatement, but they are certainly never boring!

6:00AM – Alarm goes off. Otherwise known as Toddler screaming “Mommmmmmy!”

6:30AM – Get toddler and myself dressed and ready for the day-our little friends will be arriving soon.

7:00AM – Check Emails, writers job board, Upwork, Facebook and Twitter, make a list of things that need to be completed during the day- I always feel I achieve more when I have a clear set of goals to work from.

7:30AM – Children arrive for the day- set up breakfast, play activities and organize resources.

8:00AM – While children are eating breakfast, take notes for a blog post about a new app.

8:30 AM –Complete a craft with the children, set up play centers and throw a load of laundry on.

10:00AM- Take the children to the park, walk through the forest and talk about all the animals we see. I find I have more creative ideas if I can get out in nature and get some fresh air every day.

11:00AM-Back to the house, the children settle into quiet play and I check my emails and social media posts again. I send some cold pitches to local businesses.

12PM – Give children their lunch and put them down for a nap.

12.30PM- Now the children are asleep, I can get down to some uninterrupted work. Take my notes from yesterday and edit an essay on a Roland Petit ballet. Write a book review on an academic book about the swamp ecology in Florida. Complete a work description document for a government contract.

2:00PM-I have some lunch myself and then make a call to interview a PR rep about a new charity I am writing a blog post on.

2:45PM-I have just enough time before the children wake up to develop some graphics for my personal blog and read through marketing email newsletters, taking notes on any new markets to approach.

3:00PM- Children wake up, diaper changes, milk and tidy up the toys. Outdoor time or indoor play if it’s rainy. Once the children are busy playing, I take my cell phone and update my Facebook page, share some links to publications I would love to work for and “like” pages of recently pitched websites.

4:00PM-Prep dinner, have circle time with the children-song songs and play games.

5:00PM-The children leave for the day, I settle my son down for his supper, my husband returns from work and I go to check the mail and have a walk round the block.

6:00PM-Dinnertime, give my son a bath, chat with my husband and tidy up. Send Daycare daily reports home to parents.

7:00PM- Put my son down to bed, eat dinner, pay a few bills, update my list of published work, complete invoices due and places to pitch.

8:00PM- write  1000 words of my novel. I am a third of the way through a novel writing challenge.

9:00PM- Research article ideas and new markets to pitch. Check off my to-do list and write a tentative list for tomorrow.

10:00PM- bedtime.

I never thought I would be able to combine my passion for writing with the ability to stay home and care for my son, and actually make money doing so! My days are long but I am so grateful to be able to work and live this way.

Fiona Tapp is a freelance writer and educator, she can be reached at www.fionatapp.com 


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  • July 2, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Makes me tired just reading it!! I am an aspiring writer but I always think I can never find time to write.

    • July 2, 2016 at 7:32 pm

      Hi Joan,
      You do have to be vigilant to ensure that your writing time is respected.But it boils down to how much you value that activity, we all make time for TV or hobbies or procrastinating!! It takes some organising but you can make time for writing too- good luck 🙂


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